Why use Recovery Partners for Safety Training?

We have over 30 different safety training courses held publically or delivered at your workplace.

Trainings can be customised to incorporate your own business values, safety system methodologies and forms. All our trainers are qualified safety and training experts with personality to engage your staff.

Customised approach, plain English and fun. Get the best outcomes for your staff.

"Great training session for staff"

– Jason, June 2016

The training provided was very useful and informative and easy to understand. Eg. Rules and regulations carried out at workplace.”

– Ali, August 2014

Trainer was easy to understand. Made meeting worthwhile.”

– Brad, August 2014

Very helpful Training.”

– Hannah, August 2014

It was a excellent experience to get training with Kelly. She covers many points of health 7 safety, which will definitely help me to workout as a safety committee member.”

– Kalpesh, August 2014

Very clear and understandable topics she cover during whole training session.”

– Kalpesh, August 2014


– Karen, August 2014

Kelly was very clear in her instructions and explanations.”

– Patricia, August 2014