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21 May 2021 posted by Recovery Partners

Making your business safe is essential – it doesn’t take much, and often saves lives.

Powercom Electrical knew that making their business safe needed to be a priority. That’s why they signed up to the OHS Essentials Program.

What is the OHS Essentials Program?

The OHS Essentials Program is a WorkSafe Victoria initiative that offers free independent advice to keep your employees safe. Qualified businesses choose an accredited Safety Provider to assess your workplace, identify hazards and provide a practical safety action plan, tailored to your business. You can read more about OHS Essentials here.

Who are Powercom Electrical?

Powercom Electrical are a small electrical company in Victoria who have been operating for more than 15 years. It just goes to show, even established businesses need advice on best practice to keep workers safe.

Why did Powercom Electrical participate in OHS Essentials?

“We had little knowledge about having a fire warden or that we needed training for such a thing,” says Kylie Frank, Office Manager at Powercom Electrical. “We didn’t know what exactly should go in a first aid kit or that we needed to do regular checks.”

From fire warden to first aid kits and records to reporting, Kylie knew Powercom needed to get serious about safety. Fortunately, Powercom had the brains and the brawn to seek support and were partnered with Recovery Partners through the OHS Essentials Program.

The work

Recovery Partners assisted Powercom Electrical with a structured Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), tailored to suit their business.

Recovery Partners quickly developed a rapport with Kylie and she soon felt confident to communicate freely about what Powercom needed to focus on moving forward.

Most importantly, Recovery Partners ensured the employers and employees at Powercom understood their OHS responsibilities and obligations. She made certain they had the newfound knowledge to effectively implement the safety management system.

Key achievements

  • Identified Risk Management Strategies and developed a consultation process for workers

  • Implemented toolbox talks and training

  • Developed an incident register

  • Achieved First Aid Compliance.

Kylie notes that Recovery Partners were “very thorough” and that the online format was of great benefit during Covid-19 uncertainty.

“The resources were great to receive as we would have had to create these on our own without any knowledge of what is required.”

“I would recommend Recovery Partners as they have given our business a lot of knowledge and we especially needed that to keep our employees safe,” says Kylie.

Recovery Partners are grateful for the opportunity to have assisted Powercom Electrical and keep their health and safety management current.

Do you want free, confidential and personalised advice to keep your workers safe? The power is yours.

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Disclaimer – these articles are provided to supply general safety information to people responsible for OHS in their organisation. They are general in nature and do not substitute for legal and/or professional advice. We always suggest that organisations obtain information specific to their needs. Additional information can be found at