Recovery Partners was established in 2004 and over the years has built a highly qualified, experienced and diverse team with specialist expertise in Rehabilitation Counselling, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Psychology, Workplace Health and Safety, Risk Management and Industrial Relations. Recovery Partners exist as a hybrid services provider offering both Occupational Rehabilitation and WHS Consultancy across respective jurisdictions. Recovery Partners values revolve around the idea of supporting businesses and employees in the reduction of the human and economic impacts of injury and illness. 

Originally, the business commenced offering shared Return to Work Coordination, Workplace Health and Safety, and Risk Management services to employers across NSW. Over time our service suite has expanded through a process of calculated recruitment where the business has deliberately approached leading health professionals in the industry to shape our service provisions and ensure that our customer centric values are able to be delivered upon. Recovery Partners first and foremost recognise our ability to offer substantial value comes from our people, and having the necessary mix and level of skills needed to meet anticipated work demands.

Accordingly, our services now extend across three key aspects and cover the majority of Australia:

As a service provider, we understand that our ability to be successful into the future is dependent on our capability to offer value in the form of quality interventions, expedited outcomes and promoting improved customer performance. Accordingly, we continue to be meticulous in our recruitment and training efforts to ensure the selection and induction of high calibre professionals that are readily able to have a telling impact in their respective landscapes. This has led to Recovery Providers becoming a preferred provider of safety and occupational rehabilitation services to countless numbers of Australian businesses and individuals.