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At Recovery Partners we understand the challenges that exist with injury management and WHS practices within the nation’s capital and as such we have employed a robust team of industry leading professionals to assist both public service (Comcare) and private sector (Workers Compensation) agents in the delivery of effective claims resolution across Canberra. Ultimately, our consultants through their extensive experience understand the intricacies of health & safety management within the ACT, and are able to deliver market leading outcomes.

Our core business derives around our capacity to support businesses and individuals in their endeavours to maximise productivity and reduce burgeoning claims management costs (both human & economic). Hence, our team of allied health specialists know how to provide value to our clients on all occasions and are able to competently demonstrate a sound return on investment in all interventions.

In Canberra, our team offer a suite of occupational rehabilitation services for Comcare, Workers Compensation, CTP, and Life Insurance markets to assist all stakeholders in the navigation back to one of the most critical adult interventions – work

Furthermore, the hybrid nature of our business not only assists business with their short term needs but helps them to forecast potential liabilities, and offer preventative measures that suitability promotes a best bang for buck expenditure. Our team through a consultative methodology are able to show WHS risk exposure, and work with senior leaders to develop initiatives and programs that are readily geared to their workforce and relative financial appetites.

We are committed to delivering the best safety and injury management services that is available in the market and will tailor all interventions to your specific requirements. Let us know if we can help – we would love to hear from you.

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