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Workplace drug and alcohol testing is becoming more and more common in Australia. The procedure is governed by workplace health and safety acts and regulations. These acts and regulations refer to drug and alcohol use as a potential safety risk and both the employees and the employers are encouraged to take the reasonable steps to ensure a safer workplace.

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Benefits of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace

Implementing a drug testing program is the number one way to deter employees from using prior to or during work hours. The benefits of the process include;

1.  A safer and healthier workplace

Instituting a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program is a sure way to enhance the overall job safety in your organisation. Regular testing will ensure that employees are not under the influence when handling equipment and this will help reduce workplace related injuries. It can also be used as a way to promote healthier lifestyles among the staff.

2.  Increased productivity

When under influence, employees are unable to perform at their best. An effective drug testing program will not only reduce instances of abuse among your employees but also it will guard you against recruiting addicted workers enabling you to have a quality workforce.

3.  Reduced liability costs

Employees with drug and alcohol problems often have higher medical costs. Regular testing will enable you to effectively reduce compensation claims.

4.  Stable workforce

One of the major of alcohol and drug abuse is absenteeism which can be costly and in some industries, it can affect the reputation of a business. Eliminating the problem can leave you with a more consistent effective staff.

At Recovery Partners, we offer on-site drug and alcohol testing. We will help you assess your current workforce as well as potential employees on all aspects of functional capability, mental state and possible dependence to any of the prohibited substances.

Our services are available in multiple locations nationwide. For more information on drug and alcohol testing, click here.

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