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A psychological claim is a legal process used to recover financial compensation for an employee who has suffered a psychological injury at work. These claims present businesses with a hoard of hidden costs that, in some cases, drive expenses across the roof. The injured employee is entitled to compensation, but the working days lost due to the injury can negatively affect a business. 

A psychological injury can significantly impact a person’s life; however, regular communication, support, and understanding from management can help foster a successful return to work.

Communicating with an employee with a psychological claim

Staying in contact with an employee and offering support can make a positive impact on their recovery. This can aid a swift return to work as a result of the reduced duration of incapacity. This, in turn, helps maintain the costs of the claim and keep the impact of the injury on your premium at a low.

Staying in contact with the affected worker can help make them feel valued, and in turn, they can improve their morale and that of fellow employees upon their return to work.

NSW psychological injury process

As per the current legislation, employers are required to register all injuries sustained in the workplace. In New South Wales, employees are entitled to compensation that incorporates medical expenses, time off work and the possibility of future work. Any serious injury or illness should be lodged and the insurer notified within 48 hours. The injured employee should then be given time off work, if necessary, to seek medical care and complete the certificate of capacity. Upon receiving the certificate, the employer should forward it to their insurer together with any reimbursable treatment bills.


At Recovery Partners, we offer guidance to employers to streamline the process and help employees make a quick return to work.

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