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Managing psychological claims is complicated and requires a coordinated program to support the injured worker from when the injury is reported through to their return to work.

The process is varied, but in most jurisdictions, the basic steps are:

1. Notification

Workers who have incurred a psychological injury at work and intend to make a compensation claim should provide the employer or any involved party with the information. This should be done early enough to allow an early intervention.

2. Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process is aimed towards returning the workers to functional capacity. Any treatment payments made are reimbursed once the claim lodged has been accepted.

3. Development of an acceptable return to work plan

The return to work process is meant to assist injured workers to get back to work within the shortest possible time. Both the employer and employee should work towards a safe, timely and acceptable return to work program.

4. Consult with the employee and other involved parties

This extends to both the insurer and the relevant government authority.

5. Provision of suitable duties to injured workers

The identification of alternative duties in the workplace can help retain injured employees.

Psychological Injury Process

In all jurisdictions, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that employees operate in a safe work environment. When an employee incurs an injury, the employer should immediately institute early medicare care for the employee. The employer should get a certificate of capacity from the employee and ensure the register of injuries is filled out. Employers should continually assess the employee situation to develop an appropriate return to work plan.


At Recovery Partners, we offer guidance to employers to help them see to it that the process runs as smoothly as possible and minimise psychological claims in the workplace.

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