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Over the past three years, the aged care sector has experienced over 2000 claims, the second most in hospitals in the healthcare and social assistance industry. Most of the injuries result from work practice, with most workers having a higher than average risk of being injured.

The greatest risks are manual handling of hazards, burns, and slips due to slippery floors, loose rugs and other fall-inducing conditions.

Coordinating a safe return to work

Employers in aged care should plan and implement the worker’s return to work and assign a suitable role consistent with the worker’s physical condition. This calls for the appointment of a Return to Work Coordinator to allow the process to run in a systemized and effective manner. All internal safety management systems should be professionally assessed to identify any loopholes or system gaps that could pose a threat to employees’ safety.   

Facilitators of early Return to Work in the aged care sector

A well-executed Return to Work process heralds the perceived standards of safety in the workplace. The process has enabled many organisations and companies in Australia to achieve an early return to work for their employees and reduce costs associated with health care and wage replacement. The key facilitators are;

  • Early intervention ( Early notification and treatment)
  • The involvement of supervisors
  • The involvement of the injured worker
  • Re-designing of work roles to accommodate injury or illness
  • Support from management
  • Adequate recovery time
  • An effective Return-to-Work Plan
  • Communication between the different stakeholders

Partnering with a reliable RTW service provider will help eliminate barriers – such as the injury itself, lack of RTW know-how by both the managers and the staff, and the lack of suitable duties.

At Recovery Partners, we offer a full Return to Work service to businesses wanting to manage this process in a resource-efficient manner and sensitive to their employees’ needs.

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