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On the 16th of June 2016, Recovery Partners were lucky enough to host a lunch at Woolworths Sydney Regional Distribution Centre (SRDC) alongside Canterbury Bulldogs Alumni Terry Lamb (Baa). But you may be asking, what do Terry Lamb, Woolies, and Manual Handling have in common?


Implementing Minchinbury Moves

In an industry renowned for high injury rates, Woolworths SRDC Logistics Manager Bryce Stuart came to Recovery Partners with a vision of reducing injuries with a focus on early prevention and the associated dollars and cents.

Alongside Bryce, we implemented ‘Minchinbury Moves’ (a version of Safe Moves) – a program delivering key elements and practices of Manual Handling designed to educate the guys on the floor, so they don’t get hurt doing the physical stuff. Through his leadership, the program has not only made a positive return on investment but has made the Woolworths SRDC a happy, healthy place to work!

SHE Manager Cathy Green has praised the Safe Moves program saying that “this really relates to the guys here at Minchinbury and the changes management have made within the warehouse with this version of SafeMoves, Minchinbury Movers. The focus is on working with the guys in the shed one on one in their specific work areas and customising training for their area, body types, and any pre-existing conditions they might be dealing with. The shed is moving away from the reliance on treatment after the fact – prevention is better than cure.”

Rewarding Hard Work

We wanted to let Bryce and the guys at Woolies SRDC know we appreciate their added efforts at making a safe workplace alongside their busy, hardworking schedule, so we hosted a lunch alongside Terry Lamb.

Terry (Baa) was invited by Recovery Partners to support the program through his personal advice and professional experience. Baa spent his time talking to the guys during lunch and on the ground, explaining the changes from ‘simply running on the field’ when he started his career to now the time and effort spent with trainers and medical staff in the prevention of injury.

Workplace injuries can have a wide impact, often affecting aspects of home and personal life. In Baa’s case, he reflected on a time where he missed a grand final because of his injuries on the footy field.



The Outcome

Our Executive Director Rowan Brown praised Baa’s ability to take the guys through the changes in injury prevention within Rugby League since his early playing days to the modern game today while also giving us his thought on the upcoming State of Origin. 

SHE Manager Cathy Green was also really pleased with the Safe Moves lunch, praising Baa’s ability to relate his time as a footballer to the guys at Minchinbury.

All in all, it was a fabulous day, rewarding hard-working Aussies!


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