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The WorkSafe Incentive Scheme for Employers (WISE) provides a financial incentive of up to $26,000 to a new employer who offers ongoing employment of at least 15 hours a week to an injured worker who cannot return to work with their pre-injury employer. This is facilitated by Occupational Rehabilitation Providers who will:

  • Overview and define a worker’s skills, experience & qualifications to help find the right role
  • Consult with the worker’s treating practitioner to get their approval for potential roles
  • Use WISE to assist the worker in finding suitable roles
  • Facilitate a WISE placement.

Who is not eligible for WISE?

In a business where the worker is either a director or on the board, they cannot access WISE for self-employment or employment.

Employers, including labour hire companies, employment agencies, or group training organisations, who place workers into another employer’s workplace, are also not eligible. The scheme also cannot be used for traineeships or apprenticeships.

How does WISE work?

  • Payment one is a fixed amount of $2,000 and paid to a new employer once an employee commences new employment.
  • Payment two occurs after 13 weeks and equals 45% of gross wages paid to an employee for the first 13 weeks of employment.
  • Payment three occurs after 26 weeks and equals 45% of gross wages paid to an employee between week 13 and 26 of employment.

WISE payment example here

How to get started with the WISE Program?

1. This usually starts when the occupational rehabilitation provider consults with an employer about a specific job. Following an interview, if an employer decides that a WISE eligible candidate is suitable, an occupational rehabilitation provider will conduct a workplace assessment.

2. The Workplace Assessment

A workplace assessment is completed to give all parties the added confidence that they have chosen the right candidate, that they are work-ready and have the capacity to perform the requirements of a new job safely. The assessment is provided without cost to the employer.

3. WISE Payment Form 

A WISE Payment Form must be submitted for each payment. This is a simple process and the occupational rehabilitation provider will assist with this.  

What happens if the employee is injured?

An injury resulting in a new WorkCover claim sustained in the first 2 years from the commencement of a WISE placement will be excluded from the WISE employer’s WorkSafe Injury Insurance premium calculation. The new (WISE) employer is obliged, however, to pay the employer excess, which is the first 10 days of weekly payments and the first $692 of medical and like services (correct as of 1 July 2017 – indexed annually), unless they had selected the excess buyout option on their WorkCover Insurance premium.

Why the WISE Program? 

The WISE program is a collaborative partnership between a new employer, an injured worker and a rehabilitation provider, ensuring the right candidates are placed into the right jobs. 

By being part of WISE, employers will get:

  • a financial boost of up to $26,000
  • tailored support to ensure you get the best person for your business
  • WorkSafe Injury Insurance premium protection for your new employee
  • the opportunity to employ someone keen to get back to work.

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Source: https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/return-to-work/wise

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