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Employers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the workplace is safe. However, should an injury occur at the workplace, it is still the duty of the employer to follow the stipulated procedures and ensure the process proceeds smoothly.

In the event of a psychological injury claim, the employer should;

  • Acknowledge in writing the receipt of a claim
  • Complete the Employer Injury Claim Report
  • Lodge the claim
  • Offer support to the worker while they are off work
  • Develop a return to work plan
  • Follow up on the process.

Psychological injury claim process

Once a claim has been filed, it will go through a review process as outlined in the Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act. Psychological injuries sustained as a result of ‘reasonable management action’ are excluded from compensation. Such actions include the transfer, redeployment, demotion and dismissal of an employee. Decisions not to award promotions, benefits or leave of absence to employees also fall under this category.

The employee is entitled to a decision on the claim within 20 working days. During this time, one can communicate with the employer about any psychological injury entitlements as they await the decision. Any treatments undertaken by the employee cannot be paid for until a final decision is made. However, once the claim has been accepted, the employee should be reimbursed in full.


At Recovery Partners, we understand that psychological injuries can significantly impact a worker’s life at home and work and the employer’s business. Our team is well placed to offer the best legislative advice on psychological claims and rehabilitation programs to help get workers back to work within the shortest possible time.

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