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15 May 2024 posted by Recovery Partners

A Return to Work Coordinator’s (RTWC) role primarily involves helping injured or ill workers return to work safely and as soon as possible after an injury or illness has occurred.

A Return to Work Coordinator’s main responsibilities include:
  1. Managing the return to work process:

The Return to Work Coordinator is responsible for coordinating an injured or ill worker’s RTW process, ensuring that they receive the appropriate medical treatment and support, and developing a suitable return-to-work plan.

  1. Liaising with healthcare professionals:

The RTWC works closely with healthcare professionals such as doctors and physiotherapists to ensure that injured or ill workers receive the appropriate medical treatment and rehabilitation.

  1. Communicating with the injured worker and their supervisor:

The RTWC acts as a liaison between the injured worker, their supervisor and any other relevant parties including but not limited to insurance and rehabilitation providers.

  1. Identifying and managing potential barriers to return to work:

The RTWC identifies any potential barriers to a worker’s return to work, whether it be physical or psychological, working with them to address them.

  1. Promoting a safe and healthy workplace:

The RTWC promotes a safe and healthy workplace by identifying and addressing any workplace hazards or risks that may contribute to workplace injuries or illnesses.

What are the benefits of outsourced Return to Work Coordination?

There are many benefits to having a Return to Work Coordinator. Employers who appoint a third-party coordinator have access to:

  • A strong understanding of the Return to Work process and what to do following a workplace injury.
  • Dedicated resources, such as triage services, for supporting workers and employers.
  • Early intervention strategies, to quickly diagnose and treat injury, minimising associated costs with compensation and time off.
  • Creating a positive workplace culture, where employees feel safe.
  • Improved communications across treating parties, such as Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and Claims Agents.
Who needs a Return to Work Coordinator?

Under works compensation law:

  • Category 1 employers (i.e. employers whose basic tariff premium exceeds $50,000)
  • Self-insurers
  • Employers who are insured by a specialised insurer and employ more than 20 workers
How we can help

An employee’s return to work following injury or illness can be a delicate process that needs to be carefully managed. Recovery Partners offers a complete RTW Coordination service for businesses wanting to manage this process efficiently and with sensitivity to the needs of their employees. We have delivered RTW Coordination throughout our entire 19 years of service, and continue to deliver outstanding results with our overall RTW success rate standing at 99% for our customers.

Recovery Partners also provides Return to Work Secondment services across Australia, for businesses of all backgrounds and sizes.

Did you know that each state has different RTW Guidelines? We’ve done the heavy lifting by creating this quick state by state reference summary for you.

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