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What is a workplace assessment?

A workplace assessment is a specialised service aimed at observing, evaluating and reporting on the physical, environmental and ergonomic requirements of an employee’s duties. During a session, a wide range of data about the participant is collected and analysed to develop an idea about their wellbeing and overall health.

Conducting a workplace assessment

Workplace assessments are conducted on either an entire workplace or just a single section. All employees, regardless of the industry, are prone to some level of work-related risks. Minor injuries can include back pains, strain injuries, stress and migraines. To improve workplace productivity, assessments are conducted and discussions with clients are held to determine persistent problems.  

The sessions are usually done on-site but can also take place in an external venue. Mostly it takes from 30 to 40 minutes. After an assessment, personal health reports are prepared, and managers are issued recommendations to improve organisational health.

Benefits of a workplace assessment

All businesses in Australia are required by law to ensure that all employees are assessed. However, the main aim is to create a workplace environment that does not interfere with employee performance.

A healthier and happier workforce

In the case of a new or an injured employee, an assessment can help ascertain the most suitable task. Through the evaluation, management can appropriately equip the workplace for these employees and workers with disabilities.

Minimise workplace risks

A well carried out workplace assessment will reduce the problems that predispose workers to injuries. This is achieved through the identification of the causal factors and the implementation of the appropriate prevention measures.

Eliminating persistent issues

In situations where an organisation is faced with a persistent problem, an assessment can help discover the root cause. Signs of a problem include employee complaints and lack of motivation. A thorough workplace assessment can go a step further and eliminate problems before developing into a major concern.

Designing an agreeable return to work plan

A workplace assessment ensures that the plan fully matches employees’ progressive functional capacity. This reduces conflicts in the workplace as well as the number of formal complaints launched by employees.



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