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Job task analysis refers to the various techniques that are used to understand the nature of tasks. The process aims to describe the physical actions and cognitive activities involved with or required to complete a task. A detailed analysis can help design and allocate tasks efficiently within a system.

Purpose of a task analysis

Performing a task analysis will not only help improve the effectiveness of current work practices, but it can also help identify potential risks and, as a result, reduce the rate of injuries. An analysis can help you achieve the following;

1. Understand the flow of work and the levels of responsibilities

The process can help you identify how a task contributes to meeting the organisation’s goals and objectives.

2. Creation of a suitable duties plan

The process can be used to assign injured employees the most appropriate tasks to help them to return to work as possible.

3. Performance appraisal and employee development

The organisation can use the results of a job analysis to gauge the performance of employees as well as develop an employee according to the specific needs of their job title.

  • A good task analysis should be able to provide each of the following;
  • The complexity of a task
  • Task duration and variability
  • The frequency of the task
  • Task sequence
  • Tools required for the task
  • The required user skills, education, and training

For an organisation or company to have a safe workplace for its employees, it is important to identify and eliminate the workplace’s risks and hazards. A task analysis, together with a workplace assessment and the appropriate safety measures, can help achieve that.


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