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What is a Job Task Analysis?

A Job Task Analysis is a data-driven analysis designed to help understand the physical and psychological demands of a role.

Recovery Partners have partnered with Preventure to offer our customers Advance JTAs through the use of wearable technology.

The Preventure censors are attached to a worker’s back and arm and objectively measure a worker’s movement.

The benefits of using wearable technology include:

  • Objective movement data.
  • Task benchmark and training.
  • Remote assessment.
  • Movement control.
  • Data-driven prevention program.
  • Objective.

What’s in the Job Task Analysis report – Physical component

A step by step breakdown of the task is included as well as a description of the working environment.

WHS hazards are identified plus the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The physical demands are listed and as well as how often the worker is performing each one of the movements.

The report shows which areas of the body are most at risk of sustaining an injury.

The report provides supporting data and images.

Most importantly, the report will provide details on how the worker can correct their movements whilst performing tasks.

Watch the video as our expert Safety Consultant highlights and explains the features of an Advanced Job Task Analysis Report – Physical component. 


What’s in the Job Task Analysis report – Psychological

Similar to the physical demands, we also analyse what psychological demands the tasks have on the worker.

There are a number of factors including reading comprehension, memory, stress, time pressure etc. The frequency of each is included.

This section of the report is completed by interviewing the worker and their colleagues.

You can download your free sample report.

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