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“I traveled to Brisbane for the Work Well awards, where our client was nominated as a finalist (out of approx. 20 entrants) for the “Best rehabilitation and return to work management system”. This is on the back of the introduction of our Injury Reporting Centre (IRC) which has been customised for their specific needs. Even though it has been in operation for only 5 months, they have already witnessed a considerable decline in the achievement of their primary objectives for this program. They spoke extremely highly of the work done by our consultants.”

Key Achievements:


  • Reduced the amount lost time claims by 60% (client goal 40%)
  • Reduced the number of reportable claims by approx. 50% (client goal 25%)

Objective of the Service:

Our client sought to externalise return-to-work and rehabilitation management by choosing to utilise our tailored Injury Reporting Centre (IRC), designed to meet their specific requirements. Their desired outcome was to reduce the amount of lost time claims by 40% and number of reportable claims by 25%.


The Work:

The Injury Reporting Centre (IRC) operates as a 24-hour service managed by our team of experienced allied health consultants dedicated to assisting injured workers by contacting the individuals in the aftermath of incidents. The IRC enable us to swiftly develop recommendations for action. Our team successfully coordinated communication among various parties, including the client, their staff, and other stakeholders like insurers, treating doctors, and treatment providers. This involved streamlining the entire reporting process to ensure the efficient fulfillment of all legal obligations, including safety compliance reporting and occupational injury reporting.


The Result:

The outcomes demonstrated an instant decrease in lost time claims and reportable claims, exceeding the goals set by the client. This led them to being nominated as a finalist (out of approx. 20 entrants) for the ‘Best rehabilitation and return to work management system’.

If you are looking to learn more about our Injury Reporting Center, our consultants love to have a chat, so go ahead and give us a call on 1300 OHS RTW (647 789) or email enquiries@rrp.com.au.

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