Check your mental health batteries

Your health, both physical and mental are a priority. In times of uncertainty or during unprecedented situations it is important to take time and check in with yourself on how you are feeling or coping with various life demands.

Whether it is acute stress or ongoing reactions during a tough time, you can check your mental health batteries with the 3Rs: Reflect, Recharge, Reach Out.

  1. Reflect – how you have been feeling during the last few weeks? Be honest with yourself.
  2. Recharge – after you have thought about or identified your feelings, it is important to learn about why you may be feeling that way.
  3. Reach out – seek additional support e.g. register for a one-on-one coaching session on the area in which you feel requires additional support.

How have you been feeling during the last 4 weeks?

I have felt stressed a few times

Acute stress is common and can occur several times a day when we are faced with events or experiences that pose a threat to the safety of ourselves or others.

I have felt stressed the whole time

If you are finding yourself constantly worried about your health, you may benefit from learning other ways to better manage these feelings.