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How RP’s Samantha helped this courier make an efficient return to work after a fall off a verandah

When a courier took a fall of a verandah in Sydney’s inner suburbs and broke his ankle, he never imagined he’d be back at work in just a few months!

For couriers, our driveways, pathways, front balconies, steps and verandahs are all work environments that they need to navigate in the course of their duties. It can be fast-paced work, with a lot of deliveries to make within a set time frame, and couriers need to be strong and healthy to manage the physical requirements of the job. But no matter how fit they are, accidents happen, just like in any other workplace.

Greg thought it was just a sprain

When *Greg was delivering an item to a frail, elderly woman in Sydney’s inner suburbs in October of 2020, he was concerned she might have difficulty carrying it inside. He made sure the parcel was safely in her hands, then turned to check on her progress as he left. As he glanced over his shoulder, he stepped off the edge of the verandah and fell to the ground below, injuring his ankle. ‘Greg initially thought it was just a sprain, so he actually kept working that day,’ explains Samantha Levene, Recovery Partners Rehabilitation Consultant. ‘It was only later that night when the pain was still strong that he realised his ankle might be broken, and he sought treatment.’

Surgery and physio helped Greg’s ankle to heal

Greg had fractured his ankle (a Weber Fibula Fracture for those who understand medical terminology) and underwent surgery and weeks of physio to get his ankle back in working order. Luckily, he was strong and healthy before the surgery and was diligent about his physiotherapy and exercises after it, making the rehabilitation process relatively simple and straightforward. ‘Greg made an excellent recovery physically and was very motivated to return to work,’ Samantha says. ‘He had a good support system around him, and he didn’t experience any adverse mental health impacts from his injury, so it all went smoothly.’

Samantha got a gold star from Greg’s employers

Samantha liaised with Greg, his treating medical practitioners, employers and insurers throughout his recovery to make sure everyone was kept informed about his progress. ‘Communication is a big part of the job and it’s important to keep everyone updated as the situation changes. I’m pleased I was able to help.’ In fact, Samantha was so helpful that Greg’s employers said they would only work with Recovery Partners in future, as they appreciated how easy Samantha had made the process in comparison to other rehabilitation providers they’d worked with. We’ll be laminating this compliment on a little card and putting it up on the staff room fridge at Samantha’s office, for sure!

Greg was back to work by the end of January

Greg’s GP signed off on his return to work at the end of January this year, and Samantha did a worksite assessment to make sure he could safely complete the work tasks required of him. ‘Although Greg’s employer was more than happy to make any accommodations he might need, Greg was confident he didn’t need any,’ Samantha says. ‘He made a full return to both his pre-injury duties and hours for a four-week trial period. I went for a site visit at the end of the trial and he was doing really well and experiencing no pain or other issues, so he’s now officially back to work, and very happy about it, too.’

As are we – thanks for your hard work, Samantha!

Sound good?

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