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Production Line Assistant

(conveyer belt operator)

Job Types:
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Lake Macquarie (situated between Newcastle and the Central Coast) with roles available at satellite offices across the Hunter and Upper Hunter region.

SCHADS award 

To work under supervision in the field of production line operations as a Conveyer Belt Operatior, within the Supported Employment environment of Hunter Commercial Services.


    • Assists with physical inventory counts and processes.
    • Completes daily log sheets for bulk plant operations and documents selected maintenance activities
    • Ensures all materials coming into or leaving the plant are properly documented and enters production tickets, goods receipts and shipping documentation.
    • Ensures that materials are properly labelled and that the disposal of materials is handled in a safe manner that complies with environmental standards.
    • May operate vehicles used for transporting bulk products and utilises materials handling equipment, such as loaders, forklifts and pallet jacks, to move materials within the plant.
    • Packages, labels and loads finished products as per order requirements.
    • Performs daily inspections of bulk plant equipment and materials, maintains all equipment, and ensures bulk plant is kept clean

Physical Demands:
The role may include the following physical demands, taking into consideration individual capacity requirements of the applicant;

    • Typically medium physical demand but can be heavy work occasionally (site and task dependent).
    • Employees sit, stand and walk
    • Stretching, twisting, climbing, lifting and carrying movements are likely to be frequent daily requirements. Twisting of the body and neck are likely, bending is likely to be required on a frequent basis for any lifting tasks. Squatting or crouching movements may be required when recording stock levels.
    • Repetitive movements are likely to be required on a frequent to occasional basis especially when counting stock and recording data.
    • Driving is likely to be required. If forklift operation is required a licence/safety certificate will be necessary.
    • Operation of a variety of loading and unloading equipment such as forklifts, overhead cranes and trolleys and conveyor belts may be required.
    • Use of office hand held equipment and other general tools is frequently required.
    • Mental skills necessary include counting, organisation, data-recording and practical skills.


    • Demonstrated experience in working in a production environment
    • Demonstrated ability to support Supervisor meeting deadlines
    • Ability to work in a very busy environment
    • A cleared Working with Children Check (WWCC) (NSW)
    • Cleared National Criminal History Check not more than 12 months old