22 October 2021 posted by Recovery Partners

Recovery Partners spoke to the knowledgeable and experienced staff at ErgoPort and Sit back and relax for their take on the best ergonomic furniture for your work from home set up.

The human body was not designed to sit at a desk for hours on end and work on a computer. With many of us working from home, we often accidentally end up sitting and working even longer each day.

Common concerns and injuries

Lee Hughes from Ergoport explains that since the pandemic began, the most common injuries they are seeing are from people working from home.

These include:

  • Lumbar pain– caused by sitting in non-ergonomic and non-supportive chairs for long periods of time.
  • Shoulder and neck pain– caused by extensive use of laptops. Laptops are often not at the right height and most people are not using an external mouse and keyboard which could prevent injury. Laptops can also cause people to roll their shoulders and not be supported by their chairs.
  • Wrist and hand pain– caused by extensive use of laptops and track pads.


Ergoport recommends a variety of products depending on the user and their injuries. Everybody is different and it is important to assess everyone in an individual way.

Common products Ergoport recommend for Lumbar issues include a supportive ergonomic chair and/or a height adjustable desk.

Shoulder and neck pain products commonly recommended are laptop stands,  vertical mice and  compact keyboards.

Wrist and hand pain products include vertical micerollerbar mice, and compact soft touch keyboards with external number pads.

Sit Back and Relax have listed their best-selling products and are also offering a 5% discount. Simply enter the code RECOVERS when buying from them online.

Best-selling furniture from Sit Back and Relax:



Desktop solutions 

Laptop Accessories 

Mouse/ Keyboards 

Time to nail your WFH set up

Work from home and hybrid models are set to stay so it really is about time you nailed your set up. Recovery Partners can conduct ergonomic assessments remotely or on-site. Our ergonomic assessments ensure employees are physically comfortable, their work areas are safe and the risk of injury is minimised.

In case you missed it, you can view our viral video on how to nail your work from home set up with rehabilitation consultant Alex Toohey.

Remember to use the discount code RECOVERS for a 5% discount from Sit Back and Relax to get the best ergonomic furniture for work from home.

Ergoport was founded in 2000 as a leader of the healthy workplaces movement. Founded by an ergonomist, Ergoport has always prided itself on our ability to provide the best advice and solution for our customers. Ergoport is an approved/prequalified supplier for the NSW Government, under the Office Furniture Prequalification Scheme SCM0771.

Sit Back and Relax have been designing, creating and supplying the best in ergonomic office fitouts for over 18 years from their Sydney based head office, delivering turnkey solutions to companies of all sizes, right across Australia.

Learn more about workstation erogonmics or contact us today for an ergonomic assessment – we offer up to 50% discount for group bookings. 

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