5 January 2020 posted by Recovery Partners

So, how long do you need to keep old visitor books?

After a review of standards and codes of practice, Recovery Partners have concluded that there is no set time frame that records of visitor sign in sheets are required to be held by a PCBU.

Recovery Partners have also contacted SafeWork NSW who agreed with the above, as they too could not find any prescribed requirements. SafeWork NSW further suggested that it was up to the business to determine this, and to use a period of 6 months as a general benchmark.

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Why do you need a visitor book?

The purpose of sign in sheets are to keep records of who is on site in the event of an emergency. This is to ensure the Chief Warden, or Deputy Chief Warden is able to take a roll call and account for anyone present on site for that time. These can also be used when developing emergency procedures by knowing the frequency and volume of visitors attending the site.

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