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23 October 2020 posted by Recovery Partners

How Recovery Partners helped Stag Electrical develop and implement an IMS in just three months


Stag Electrical, Solar and Refrigeration is based in Young, NSW, with another office in Canberra. Stag Electrical were referred to Recovery Partners from another happy client, Shane’s Trees. Stag Electrical has a team of 22 staff, with technicians servicing a wide area from Wagga Wagga to Coonamble. Their main base is semi-rural customers in both domestic and commercial settings. Stag Electrical offers various services, including air conditioning, solar, CCTV, data cabling, Level 2 work and thermal imaging. The technicians at Stag Electrical engage in some high-risk work, particularly in Level 2 operations. Workers are also required to do some long-distance driving. Gaye Cameron is the Senior Safety Consultant who was appointed to assist Stag Electrical.


Stag Electrical had identified a government tender that they wanted to apply for, but one of the requirements was that they have an accredited Integrated Management System (IMS) or be working towards accreditation. At this time, Stag had only basic safety documentation. They needed a full safety system built and implemented within three months in order to apply for the tender.

Approach – Developing the IMS

Gaye undertook the task of developing a tailored IMS for Stag Electrical in the required time frame. To do this, Gaye had to work closely with the MD and owner of Stag, Sam Friend. ‘Sam has been great to work with as he’s been very receptive to learning more about the safety requirements of his business,’ Gaye says. ‘He’s been open to changing things and improving the processes that needed updating.’

Before developing the IMS, Gaye had to make sure she understood the various work tasks, environments, procedures and equipment involved in the work of the Stag Electrical team members. Once Gaye had evaluated these, she advised Sam of what adjustments were needed to bring the safety system up to accreditation standards. ‘Sam really understood his responsibility and accountability as the business owner, so he was happy to update equipment, initiate new processes and provide extra training for the staff to make sure all the operations of Stag were fully compliant with safety standards. They continued to provide their customary high quality of work and service while this was happening,’ Gaye says. The IMS consisted of: ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety ISO 14001: Environmental Management, and ISO 9001: Quality Management.

Developing a SWMS: High-Risk Construction

Gaye also developed a Safe Work Method Statement: High-Risk Construction for Stag Electrical. This document provided technicians with a framework for the safe completion of their tasks in high-risk construction environments.


Stag Electrical were able to apply for the government tender and are now working towards accreditation. ‘Getting the IMS developed and implemented in a short time frame entailed a significant investment on Sam’s part, but he’s already seeing the pay-off,’ says Gaye. ‘The ROI begins immediately, as Sam can now demonstrate to potential clients that he is committed to safety and has taken steps to ensure it’s a priority for his team, too. This helps him win him new business.’

The IMS also allows Sam to apply for a wider pool of tenders and has helped get him over the line with non-tendered projects, too. ‘Sam has been able to employ additional contractors for work on smaller commercial contracts he’s gotten, which is great for the business and provides some much-needed employment opportunities for workers in rural NSW, too,’ says Gaye. Sam has asked Gaye to keep working with him for several days per month as Stag Electrical continues the process of bedding down their IMS. Thanks to Sam Friend and the team at Stag for the chance to work with you on this! Gaye and the Recovery Partners safety crew look forward to seeing your business grow from strength to strength as your IMS opens new doors for you.  


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