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A common issue our clients have is attracting and retaining good people on the safety committee. We have many clients that do it really well. So what do they do that’s different?

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1. Meaningful Work:

All the perks in the world are no replacement for meaningful work. In the safety context this includes hazard identification, risk assessment, incident investigation and positive safety promotion. Most people lose interest in the committee process because they don’t see anything happening or they are just passengers. Get them involved and action the things that they raise. You need to create momentum around safety, use the passion available within your committee.

2. Training and Development:

There are so many ways to increase the knowledge and skills of your committee members. Send them to the safety show, a state authority presentation, have them sit in on external audits. Ask them to attend all training, fire and emergency, first aid etc. It will increase their skills and keep them motivated. Most importantly allow them the reasonable time outside of their normal role to focus in on safety.

3. Celebrate their Successes:
Everyone in the company should know what they are achieving. Word of mouth is also your best friend. If people see committee members wearing new shirts that are on trial, it will spark conversation and generate interest in safety.

 Is this Risky?:

Unfortunately it’s becoming an increasingly litigious world. Some people shy away from the role thinking they will be held personally liable. A committee member is not personally liable for anything done or not done in good faith while carrying out their role. Communicate this point when recruiting.

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If you pay lip service to safety, so will your committee. You need a strong and CONSISTENT approach.

At Recovery Partners, our consultants can assist you by providing appropriate safety training to help minimise injuries in the workplace.

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