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Feeling Overwhelmed Resources

Do you sometimes feel that you are submerged deep in water after a rough wave? It can be a scary experience and you may not know which way is up or which way you need to swim. You may feel stunned and feel like you do not know what to do next. This is what feeling overwhelmed is like.

When we feel overwhelmed with the many commitments and challenges of life, we can get completely submerged by our thoughts and emotions about all of the problems we are facing to the point where we lack drive or motivation and instead feel frozen or unable to think clearly. It is ok to have these feelings. 

The following resource provides information, tips and strategies on how to cope with these feelings and strategies to mitigate them.

Sources: 0800 What’s Up NZ

These resources are for information purposes only and does not replace clinical advice. For more information, please contact your GP or contact Recovery Partners on 1300 647 789