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What is Recovery Partners?

Recovery Partners is an established company that is aimed at extending services to companies all over Australia and dedicated to injury management, safety, and corporate health.  In addition, Recovery Partners has become established as one of the premier sources for helping employers and employees to find the right fit in the setting of vocational rehabilitation.  With a commitment to health and work, Recovery Partners provides services that help to reduce costs associated with short and long term disability.  With that said, Recovery Partners offers a complete vocational assessment and counselling programs, job education support, new employment canvassing, as well as work trials and return to work plans for each individual.  All of this is made possible through the Pathways Program and it can be found through the Recovery Partners Job Portal.

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What is the Recovery Partners Job Portal?

The Recovery Partners Job Portal allows for employees to have access to a wide range of Work Trial opportunities, which is used in many ways with a new employer including retraining or securing employment.  The portal is a streamlined process of connecting the employer and employee to find the right fit for the right situation, while saving money.

The Benefits of Vocational Rehabilitation?

Workplace injuries are very common in many aspects of the workforce and the entire process of disability can be costly for both the worker and the employer.  With that said, finding an avenue for vocational rehabilitation may help the injured worker to heal more effectively, thus saving on short term and long term disability costs.  The Recovery Partners Job Portal is a unique way to connect employer with an employee on disability and it helps to streamline the assessment process for the company.  With that said, the portal is a condensed way to connect a worker in the rehabilitation process with an employer in need.    

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