5 January 2020 posted by Recovery Partners

As we know, icare’s new claims model launched earlier this year. Now they are breaking more ground being the first Workers Compensation Scheme to adopt rehabilitation guidelines that help injured people recover at work quicker.

The new procedures follow an evidence based methodology used by The Official Disability Guidelines. This will allow icare to streamline treatment, make faster decisions and provide more aligned support to claimants.


After a 16 month trial, the guidelines have been refined and tested with claims specific-data and Australia’s health codes to guarantee they are suitable within our National context. Over this period insurers and other jurisdictions have reported having great experiences with the trial.

Chris Colquhoun, icare’s Chief Medical Officer advises that the implementation of the new guidelines “will ensure injured workers receive the optimal treatment they need, as soon as possible”. Furthermore Mr Colquhoun notes that it will “more accurately identify the right level of support that a worker needs to get back to work in good physical and mental health.

At this stage it is predicted to be introduced in January.

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Source: http://insurancenews.com.au/regulatory-government/icare-moves-ahead-with-new-rehab-guidelines

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