6 January 2020 posted by Recovery Partners

In less than one week, the latest craze Pokémon Go has quite literally taken the world by storm, already surpassing Tinder in the number of active users, and is tipped to soon surpass App giant, Twitter. As a result Nintendo’s market capitalisation went up by more than 7 billion dollars and it has possibly become the most successful app of all time. Due to its popularity and ease of accessibility, the game will no doubt seep its way into the working day, but should it automatically be taken as a loss of productiveness, or can some unexpected positives be taken from Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go and safety issues:

The game is unique because it quite literally exists within our reality, guiding users through streets and landmarks as they appear on Google Maps. However as gamers are out on their search for Pokémon, they appear to the rest of us as zombies glued to their smartphones, paying little to no attention to their surroundings.

Not only can this pose as a direct safety issue for gamers themselves (ie. walking into a pole) it creates the potentially dangerous lack of safety if they are paying little attention around busy motorways or intersections. 

In addition, there have also been reports of individuals being drawn to troubling locations, such as the HQ of a New Zealand bikie gang. 

Augmented reality a catalyst mental health?

Beyond the zombification, Pokémon Go has no doubt given birth to a new gamer personification– one that requires physical walks to be taken around your neighbourhood and encourages social interaction through mutual meeting points like Pokestops. As a result, Pokémon Go has facilitated a new phenomenon of online and physical communities, bringing people together with something to talk about.

It has even prompted as an alternative to combatting anxiety and other mental health issues. 

So why should Pokémon Go be considered a positive addition to the workplace?

  • It gives a reason for colleagues to interact and facilitate a positive, communicative working environment both in and out of work
  • It encourages employees to take regular breaks outside and take a walk during the day. This has shown to have huge improvements on employee morale and corporate culture and overall health and wellbeing.
  • It builds confidence for employees to network through Pokémon Go interaction
  • Pokémon Go can be used as a de-stress method to combat work-related burnouts.

If you want to hear how you can incorporate a Pokémon Go program into corporate wellness services, give one of our consultants a call on 1300 OHS RTW or contact us at admin@rrp.com.au.

*Please note our consultants do not hold industry-recognised qualifications in Pokemon Go*

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