Employees are the most important resource an organisation can have and having the right people in place working effectively both as individuals and as members of their teams is crucial to organisational success.


It is however often the case that due to competing demands or skill gaps that the people factors are neglected. Recovery Partners has a team of skilled, qualified, and experienced psychologists who are available to assist organisations understand and address the issues associated with their employees.

Below are some of the ways Recovery Partners can assist with Psychological Services.


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Pre-Employment Psychometric Assessments

Research indicates that the cost of replacing a bad hire is between 50% and 150% of an employee’s annual salary (percentage increases with seniority/complexity of role).

Psychometric assessments used in a pre-employment setting are a valid and reliable predictor of how well someone is likely to function in a role as well as how their fit to the broader organisation. Their use reduces the likelihood of a bad hire and the associated direct and indirect costs.

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Mental Health Awareness for Managers Training

Supervisors and managers can be reluctant to engage with employees about mental health concerns of who have disclosed a mental health condition. This can be due to a lack of knowledge or a reluctance to get involved. 

Mental Health Awareness for Managers Training explains why the issues is important to understand, the prevalence and cost of mental health issues, common disorders and symptoms, how to recognise issues and have discussions, tips for managing staff with mental health issues and what reasonable adjustments can be made, and the internal and external supports that can be accessed to support an employee with mental health issues.


Health and Wellbeing Checks

There can be issues affecting staff that are not well understood by management and sometimes due to workplace climate, staff may reluctant to disclose these issues to management.

Suitably trained interviewers from outside the organisation can often engage effectively with staff to identify the issues impacting on them and then provide suitable feedback to management to allow them to tailor interventions to address the concerns raised.

These interviews can also be used to establish whether there are non-work related issues that are impacting on staff attendance/performance/conduct and during the process staff can be provided with referral information for external health and support services they can potentially utilise.


Individual and Team Development Coaching

Personal and interpersonal factors can sometimes interfere with people and teams performing effectively. Coaching delivered one-on-one or in a group context is often effective at removing barriers to high performance through the identification and resolution of problematic issues (e.g. poor communication, conflict).


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