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A task analysis looks at the duties and responsibilities of a task within an organisation. The job analysis will incorporate the duties, knowledge, skills, abilities, and personnel characteristics required for success in a certain position.

Reasons to conduct a task analysis

An effective task analysis will lay down the subtasks an employee needs to do in order to complete a task or achieve the intended goal. A thorough job analysis can sometimes take a substantial amount of time and resources to complete. So, why should an organisation consider performing a task analysis?

  1. Hiring

A task analysis will stipulate the skill and education as well as the experience and technical requirements of a task. The management then can use this to determine the kind of person required to carry out that particular task.

  1. Performance appraisal

The process highlights the goals and objectives of a particular job. This is then used as an evaluation criterion to evaluate the performance of an employee.

  1. Training and Development

Through the findings of a job analysis, organisations are better equipped to evaluate the ability of employees to full carry out their roles. The management is then able to create a job-specific or group/employee-specific training procedures.

  1. Job designing

A job analysis is done with the purpose of using the findings to streamline the tasks and get the best possible output. In job redesigning, the job responsibilities and tasks are reviewed, and possibly re-allocated among staff, to improve output and job satisfaction among the employees.

  1. Compensation

A quality task analysis can help see to it that all roles requiring similar duties are compensated similarly.

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