Recovery Partners are here to help


Recovery Partners are here to help

When someone experiences an illness or injury that compromises their capacity for work, they can feel helpless and frustrated. Employers and families can experience productivity and financial pressures. But, there’s a critical aspect of recovery that has a significant impact on the individual’s wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of those around them: rehabilitation.

When led by an experienced Recovery Partners consultant with our evidence-based Biopsychosocial approach, rehabilitation can help you, your staff member or client move through an experience of illness or injury in a timely way, with less stress, more support, and more optimism.

Recovery Partners believe in the health benefits to an individual, family and community. Find out more about the health benefits of work in the Australian and New Zealand Consensus Statement on the Health Benefits of Work


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Workplace Rehabilitation

Facilitating a safe, early return to work for everyone’s benefit

Vocational Rehabilitation

Securing alternative employment opportunities for workers

Assessment Services

Providing objective evidence to guide rehabilitation decisions

Why is recovery at work important?

Research shows:

  • The longer a worker is away from work, the less likely they are to return to work
  • Staying active after injury reduces pain symptoms and helps workers return to their usual activities at home and work sooner
  • Working helps workers stay active which is an important part of their treatment and recovery

Our approach

Recovery Partners operate a holistic, client-centric model which ensures a service flexibility befitting of independent needs of the individual. This model is guided by the People, Environment, Occupation and Performance (PEOP) Framework and the World Health Organisation’s International Classification Functioning, Disability and Health.
We recognise the unique challenges of both the person (intrinsic) and environment (extrinsic), and how they implicate an individual’s activity, participation, and performance. Understanding the individual in their entirety is critical to our successes in supporting their injury management, and a biopsychosocial awareness is able to provide an insight toward multiple areas of potential challeng.

Why choose Recovery Partners as your provider

  • 99% rate of return to pre-injury employment/capacity
  • Industry specific consultants with an average consultancy experience in excess of 5 years
  • Dual qualified consultants with WHS/OHS specialisations
  • Dedicated account management to facilitate optimal performance
  • Locations across Australia


We have offices all across Australia. Find a Recovery Partners office near you.


Why our customers love our service:


Why you will value
our service

  • Commercially focused with a deep understanding of risk and compliance
  • Business tailored interventions through reliable and extensive consultation
  • Experienced team members with outstanding post-graduate qualifications

  • We take complex legal requirements and simplify them into context you and your workforce will understand. We keep away from industry jargon by using a simple but innovative approach that meets all legislative requirements. You will love our services because of our honest and transparent communication. 

Just wanted to give some Kudos to Andrea who has been a great help in supporting our NSW claims portfolio and injured team members. Always positive and upbeat with a caring approaching to injury management which aligns well to our approach – myself, the injured workers and the team really appreciate her support. We just had a catch up and she is achieving some great outcomes too.

Joshua was wonderful, made the process as painless as possible everything was incredibly straightforward. Compared to other health checks I've done he was very respectful and provided adequate feedback through the whole process. As someone with a nervous disposition his service was incredibly helpful.

Recovery Partners show dedicated support to our shared clients and in doing so build great relationships. Their ongoing communication instils confidence in their abilities to achieve shared goals. Thank you Recovery Partners!

Our agency has been working with Justin and the Recovery Partners team in Canberra for many years now. From workstation assessments, to initial needs support, to assistance with cases, nothing is too much trouble. The communication is fast, effective and professional and nothing is ever too much trouble. Recovery Partners assist us in achieving desired results and positive outcomes for our employees, and we are very grateful for that.

The team at Recovery Partners are great communicators; they get back to us quickly when we need them. Everything is smooth and seamless; they have bought our systems up to date, which makes it easier for us to manage work health and safety compliance. 

Working with Recovery Partners to assist injured employees back to work faster delivers financial benefits. Last year we received a $150,000 refund on our workers compensation premium, and this year we are anticipating a similar result.

Since engaging Recovery Partners, we have significantly reduced our number of claims, our estimate has also notably decreased, with an improved overall RTW time frame. We have also managed to establish stronger relationships with workers and stakeholders in partnership with Recovery Partners.

Their team are focussed on high quality service that deliver positive outcomes, which has built trust and have always been a great resource and source of support when dealing with complex rehabilitation matters.

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