Rehabilitation Assessments


Rehabilitation Assessments provide objective evidence

Rehabilitation Assessments are critical to your business – that’s why we have worked hard to establish ourselves as industry leaders.

We pride ourselves on the value we add and remain thrilled with our results of a 95% success rate with return to work following assessment facilitation. All of our team recognise the health benefits of work and the importance of early intervention to gain successful outcomes for individuals. 

Our highly-trained, experienced consultants will work with you to facilitate the return to health and capacity of an injured team member, streamline your rehabilitation practices and/or refine your rehabilitation policies. This will enable you to support your injured worker and prevent your organisation from dealing with unnecessary financial and productivity costs.


By holding this focus we are able to offer a full suite of assessment services to cater to all specific needs. All rehabilitation assessments are supported by evidence-based screening tools that assist in our capacity for barrier mitigation and health promotion to facilitate positive experiences.

These assessments are core components of our rehabilitation strategy and are built into our service framework accordingly. By linking with evidence-based tools we are able to identify and understand points of difficulty that inform subsequent approaches in aid of return to work.

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Ergonomic Assessment

Ensuring the positive interaction of a worker and their workspace

Working from Home Assessment

Are your employees working from home? You should conduct a Working from Home Assessment.

Workplace Assessment

Identifying alignment with the workplace and worker ability

Functional Assessment

Helping to determine a functional baseline

Fitness for Duties

Measuring the ability of an individual to complete work


Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessment

Assessing and improving on levels of independence

Vocational Assessment

Identifying the best employment options for individuals.


Why our customers love our service:


Why our customers
love our service:

  • Commercially focused with risk appetite awareness
  • Business tailored interventions through extensive consultation & resource allocation
  • Experienced team members with post-graduate qualifications

We work to take complex legal requirements and simplify them into context that is palatable to the entire workforce. We keep away from the often over-rehearsed jargon and convoluted solutions to complex problems by using simple but innovative systems that meet all legislative requirements.

Recovery Partners operate a holistic, client-centric model which ensures a service flexibility befitting of independent needs of the individual. This model is guided by the People, Environment, Occupation and Performance (PEOP) Framework and the World Health Organisation’s International Classification Functioning, Disability and Health.
We recognise the unique challenges of both the person (intrinsic) and environment (extrinsic), and how they implicate an individual’s activity, participation, and performance. Understanding the individual in their entirety is critical to our successes in supporting their rehabilitation, and a biopsychosocial awareness is able to provide an insight toward multiple areas of potential challenge.
  • 99% rate of return to pre-injury employment / capacity
  • Industry specific consultants with an average consultancy experience in excess of 7 years
  • Dual qualified consultants with WHS/OHS specialisations
  • Dedicated account management to facilitate optimal performance
Our consultants are based at locations across Australia.

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We welcome your enquiry. Recovery Partners are able to coordinate for an array of references with respect to our Injury Management Services upon your request.

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The team at Recovery Partners are great communicators; they get back to us quickly when we need them. Everything is smooth and seamless; they have bought our systems up to date, which makes it easier for us to manage work health and safety compliance. 

Working with Recovery Partners to assist injured employees back to work faster delivers financial benefits. Last year we received a $150,000 refund on our workers compensation premium, and this year we are anticipating a similar result.

Since engaging Recovery Partners, we have significantly reduced our number of claims, our estimate has also notably decreased, with an improved overall RTW time frame. We have also managed to establish stronger relationships with workers and stakeholders in partnership with Recovery Partners.

Their team are focussed on high quality service that deliver positive outcomes, which has built trust and have always been a great resource and source of support when dealing with complex rehabilitation matters.

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