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Recovery Partners use functional assessments to evaluate an individual’s capacity to perform physical and/or psychological tasks and offer a baseline measurement of ability. Our qualified allied health team including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, and Psychologists, perform these assessments within a controlled environment e.g. consultation rooms. These assessments help us to understand an individual’s functional tolerances for physical and/or psychological activities following a noted health condition that has limited their performance previously.


Psychological Services

Assess the suitability of a worker for a role with accurate and informative testing

Physical Assessments

Understand the physical health status of workers to determine fitness for duties

When is a Functional Assessment needed?

  • When it is unclear as to the individual’s ability to perform certain tasks and for what durations.
  • If an individual is reporting aggravations of their condition due to task performance within their rehabilitation programs.
  • If there is a risk that an individual’s rehabilitation program may exacerbate their condition.
  • When medical professionals require a greater clarity to help guide return to work planning.

What’s involved?

Our consultants undertake specific training in the WorkHab ® functional capacity evaluation model that is an international evidence-based approach. These evaluations provide clear and objective guidelines regarding an individual’s ability to carry out components of their activities. The assessment not only relies on observations made by our team and individual feedback during the assessment but also on the physiological response.

A series of activities are carried out during the assessment including:

  • a grip test
  • cardiovascular fitness test (step test)
  • postural tolerance tests (sitting, standing, squatting and kneeling)
  • safe maximum lifting capacity
  • endurance lift evaluation
  • safe maximum carrying capacity evaluation
  • job-specific tasks as required
  • manual handling analysis

What happens after?

A comprehensive written report is provided within five business days which outlines the functional limitations of an individual.

The team at Recovery Partners are great communicators; they get back to us quickly when we need them. Everything is smooth and seamless; they have bought our systems up to date, which makes it easier for us to manage work health and safety compliance. 

Working with Recovery Partners to assist injured employees back to work faster delivers financial benefits. Last year we received a $150,000 refund on our workers compensation premium, and this year we are anticipating a similar result.

Since engaging Recovery Partners, we have significantly reduced our number of claims, our estimate has also notably decreased, with an improved overall RTW time frame. We have also managed to establish stronger relationships with workers and stakeholders in partnership with Recovery Partners.

Their team are focussed on high quality service that deliver positive outcomes, which has built trust and have always been a great resource and source of support when dealing with complex rehabilitation matters.

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