Finding your potential employment opportunities

Our vocational assessments analyse an individual’s capacity to perform physical and/or psychological tasks in tandem with their unique experience, training, and education to determine suitable job options. Our qualified Psychologists and Rehabilitation Counsellors perform these assessments as they are highly skilled in determining vocational potentials and suitable working environments. The team will learn of an individual’s employment history, education, experience, and vocational interests, and then works to align these with existing and accessible labour markets. The outcome of the assessment is a detailed labour market analysis that clearly outlines the vocational directions for an individual and provides them with the optimal chance of sustaining or returning to gainful employment.

When is a Vocational Assessment needed?

  • If an individual is unable to do their job due to their reported limitations
  • If an individual’s condition restricts them from being able to sustain their existing employment
  • If an individual is having difficulty in being able to find their next employment opportunity


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