Pathways Program helps you to get on track

Pathways Program (vocational counselling) helps individuals who experience difficulty transitioning to alternate employment. As such, we approach vocational counselling differently by empowering individuals to help in leading the way.

Individuals are guided in completing an array of practical activities and personal evaluations to establish how and where they fit, and what path ultimately matches their personalised profile.

We directly target key factors critical in promoting an understanding of an individual and how they will be successful in managing their future employment aspirations. We prompt participants to be heavily engaged to generate momentum and accelerate their potential to own their rehabilitation journey.

We remain thrilled with our ability to achieve a 3-star rating with WorkSafe Victoria and a different employer return to work rate consistently above 60% across all jurisdictions. This confirms we are on the right path with those that work with us.

We have developed a Job Portal, where you as an injured worker, employer or insurer can search for current job listings. These job listings include paid work and trial work placements. Our consultants are continuously looking for job listings. Search the Job Portal for a suitable position. If you don’t find what you are looking for, or if you have a job you would like listed, ask for one of our dedicated vocational consultants on 1300 647 789.


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