South Australia Return to Work Coordination


Return to Work Coordination in South Australia

An employee’s return to work following injury or illness can be a delicate process that needs to be carefully managed. 

A RTWSA Coordinator undertakes important functions to ensure workplace safety following an injury, specific to South Australia scheme requirements. 

Recovery Partners offer a complete RTW Coordination service for South Australian businesses wanting to manage this process efficiently and with sensitivity to the needs of their employees. 

Do employers need a Return to Work Coordinator?

In South Australia, employers with 30 or more staff for a continuous period of three months, are legally required to appoint a Return to Work Coordinator. 

Our consultants in South Australia have experience with RTWSA Coordination, and are dedicated to assisting clients with both early intervention services and return to work processes following a workplace injury.

Learn more about RTW Guidelines in South Australia

Benefits of Outsourced Return to Work Coordination

There are many benefits to having a Return to Work Coordinator. Employers that appoint a third party coordinator, such as Recovery Partners, have access to:

  • A strong understanding of the Return to Work process and what to do following a workplace injury.
  • Dedicated resources, such as triage services, for supporting workers and employers.
  • Early intervention strategies, to quickly diagnose and treat injury, minimising associated costs with compensation and time off.
  • Creating a positive workplace culture, where employees feel safe.
  • Improved communications across treating parties, such as Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and Claims Agents.

How Recovery Partners Can Help

Our service delivery takes a coordinated approach to involving the following stakeholders and thus we collectively adapt the process and support to meet the needs of injured employees:

• Treating Doctor.
• Treating Allied Health Professionals.
• The workplace.
• Insurer.

Our coordinated approach to Return to Work is an evidence-based practice that offers peace of mind to all involved. With years of experience and a deep understanding of South Australian workplace legislation, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of the Return-to-Work process.

With Workplace Injury Management, it is great to be able to turn to the team at Recovery Partners who are able to coordinate for this service support for us. Our experience of working with Recovery Partners to assist injured employees back to work is that they deliver substantial benefits to our people through high quality interactions and an unwavering commitment to best practice care. Being able to call upon an experienced team of Allied Health Professionals is a huge advantage to our business and enables us to continue to focus on core people support functions.

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