Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos awareness training gives workers and supervisors the knowledge they need to identify and work safely with asbestos, or asbestos containing material.

The purpose of awareness training is to ensure workers understand where asbestos might be found and what steps to take to stay safe. 

Topics to be included:

  • What is asbestos
  • Health effects of asbestos
  • How to identify asbestos
  • Identification, safe handling and appropriate control measures 
  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs)
  • Naturally occurring asbestos
  • Loose fill asbestos
  • Naturally occurring asbestos
  • Loose fill asbestos (raw asbestos crushed into a fine state and installed as insulation).

Customisation of Training:

Training can be developed in alignment with your Asbestos Management Plan for an additional fee. Please contact us for a proposal.


Delivery of the course is based on adult learning principles to a maximum of 16 people per session. We encourage a high level of participation from all attendees. This is achieved via activities, case examples and discussion. Training sessions to run for approximately 2 hours per session.

Training Strategies

Include videos, and real examples of asbestos to assist the group to understand the real dangers of asbestos and the importance of managing the hazard effectively, not only for their own health, but those around them.


On completion of all topics, successful participants are issued a certificate for the training courses modules attended.


Prices start from $790 per session. Please contact us to request a proposal designed to meet your needs.