Biomechanically our bodies are not intended to adopt and maintain the postures imposed by some modern day workplaces and work tasks. Preventable musculoskeletal injuries are often the combination of a poor selection of general workplace equipment such as chairs, laptops, keyboards and mice and the way your individual workers interact with these devices. We can help you identify high risk workplace equipment and give you strategies to assist with the human behaviours associated with their successful implementation.

What will I learn?

The training has both theoretical and practical aspects that will use adult learning principles to develop the knowledge and skill of your staff. Recovery Partners ergonomic training covers the essential of human anatomy, posture, workstation setup and layout, bad habits and self-management techniques. We aim to share with you the “WHY” of ergonomics not just the “HOW”. Following the completion of this course your staff will have the following knowledge and skills:

  • An understanding of basic ergonomic principles.
  • An understanding of common workplace injuries and workstation design flaws
  • Recommendations for individual workstations and ways to improve your current set up.

Recovery Partners trainers will present specific content such as:

  • Current safety legislation
  • Risk Identification
  • How to prioritise risks and how to develop an action plan to control them
  • Particular risks are identified and discussed (the risks selected depend upon your workplace risk profile)
  • Office-based participants receive information about workplace layout and setup, appropriate seating, occupational overuse injuries, bad habits and environmental contributors.
  • Non-office based staff receive information about plant and equipment layout and use, manual handling, guarding, and environmental factors relevant to their type of work.
  • As an employer, if you run this training in your workplace, you can be confident that you have taken proactive measures to manage the health and safety of your workforce.


Who should attend?

Typically our ergonomics training course has been tailored to predominantly suit office based workers. The increasingly sedentary nature of our modern day workplaces means that office workers are frequently exposed to an increased risk of injury due to poor office ergonomic layout and practices.

Alternatively, you may have non-office based working environments with specific physical demands such as standing workstations, using tools at a workbench, participation in automated process work.


Who conducts the training?

Passionate Allied Health professionals, such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists with experience in workstation design and workplace injuries provide this interactive training that will allow staff to modify their workstation and reduce the likelihood of a workplace injury.


Where do we do the training?

This training is designed to be run on site, at your workplace. This allows it to be interactive and review of workstations to occur in the training. This not only means that there is application of the principles but also individual review and discussion with your staff and our professionals at their actual workstation.

A summary report of the workstation modifications can be provided to you, as an employer, at the completion of this training.


How many can attend?

As many as you require. Please let us know if you have more people so we can tailor a quote for you and possibly use a bulk costing rate.