WHS Leadership Training

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Leadership Training has been developed for senior managers to align commitment and effort across the organisation. The purpose of the workshop is to increase the personal commitment to Safety and increase the profile of WHS in the organisation.

The training has three components:-

  1. Pre-Workshop Interviews
  2. Workshop delivery
  3. Follow-up activities


Each of the participants are interviewed prior to the workshop. This interview explores the managers idea and aspirations for WHS, identifies any current frustrations, and asks the ‘what keeps you awake at night?’.



  • Due Diligence requirements and current case law review
  • Goals and KPI’s for WHS
  • Identification of current top risks
  • Opportunities for development
  • Personal commitment


The workshop will be developed based on the information gathered in the interviews and information collected from the organisation.



The succinct workshop runs for 3 hours.



Recovery Partners will deliver the training on-site(unless otherwise organised) to a maximum of 10 managers per session.


Tangible Outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop the following will be created:-

  1. Documented Goals as part of the corporate WHS strategy
  2. Commitments from each member of the leadership team
  3. Allocated project managers for the identified top risks
  4. Agreed process for reporting on progress