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For many Australian businesses, the internal management of Work Health and Safety is a complex, time-consuming and unavoidable pressure. Any business that has dealt with the trauma of an avoidable safety incident or the steep penalties of WHS non-compliance knows that it’s too important to overlook, but it’s also difficult for personnel outside the safety industry to stay abreast of your requirements. The answer is simple: outsourcing your WHS/OHS to Recovery Partners.


Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business, knowing that your WHS is being effectively managed. This has a variety of benefits for you, including keeping workers’ compensation premiums down and maximising the efficiency of your operations. Our experienced consultants can handle your WHS obligations without the loss of time, risk of insufficient knowledge and loss of productivity that can come with assigning these tasks in-house. Outsourcing with Recovery Partners means less stress, more security, and greater peace of mind.


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