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From 1st July 2020, company officers in Victoria will face a new maximum jail term of 25 years (increased from 20 years) for negligence causing death of a worker or member of the public under Victoria’s Crimes Act.

Workplace manslaughter, which passed Victorian Parliament in November 2019 and will also commence under the OHS Act in five months time. A new offence, homicde by firearm, is introduced in the Amendment Bill which covers manslaughter committed by discharging a firearm which also has a maximum sentence of 25 years.

In Victoria, a person will be guilty of workplace manslaughter where they:

  1. engage in negligent conduct; and
  2. that conduct amounts to a breach of an OHS duty owed to another person; and
  3. that conduct causes the death of the other person;

In Victoria, not every act or omission causing a workplace death will amount to workplace manslaughter. That is, the workplace manslaughter offence requires both a fatal consequence and that the death arose from a breach of a duty owed under Part 3 of the OHS Act. In Victoria, both businesses and officers can be charged with workplace manslaughter.

What you need to do as a company officer / business

  • Ensure that they have compliant systems, controls and equipment in place
  • Ensure workplace culture is directed towards improving safety in the workplace

4 ways we can help you

 1. Our Safety Consultants can assess your workplace systems, policies and procedures.They will provide you with a report including recommendations on areas that need improvement. They can complete regular checks for your business to make sure you are meeting legislative requirements.

2. We have an online platform, called Diligence, that you can implement into your businesses processes – it guides you through the legal WHS requirements including scheduling reminders for reviews.

3. Safety DIY Toolbox – Recoery Partners online safety shop which has template polciies, procedures, checklists and forms for you to use. If you need to start from scratch we have a Safety Starter Kit which contains the information and tools you need to get your safety started.

4, Recovery Partners are an accredited provider of free safety services advice through the Victorian OHS Essentials Program (call us to see if you qualify).


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