FSC Accreditation Audit


FSC Accreditation Audit

An FSC (Federal Safety Commissioner) Accreditation is a rigorous process undertaken by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) that requires meticulous detail to meet and enforce high safety standards in the building and construction industries. Conducting an FSC Audit is a vital component for businesses that want to achieve and maintain certification under the WHS Accreditation Scheme. At Recovery Partners, we provide comprehensive support to businesses throughout the entire accreditation process, from start to finish.

FSC Audit Accreditation Process

The FSC Audit Accreditation process is a multi-stage process that involves completing an application and is followed by an on-site audit.

Step 1 – Application 

The first step of the accreditation process involves submitting an application that includes:

  • Company information.
  • Project details of site locations where the business is the nominated head contractor.
  • System map detailing where the business meets each requirement of the audit criteria.

Once the application is complete and meets the audit criteria, an onsite audit will be scheduled.

Step 2 – Verification Audits

Once the first step of the accreditation process is complete, a Federal Safety Officer (FSO) will verify the business’s WHS Management systems. They do this by carrying out an audit that primarily spans over multiple days. The OFSC will provide the organisation with an audit notification letter and details of the criteria that is being reviewed during the audit. A system audit will be conducted initially and will be followed by a stage 2 audit if any issues arise. 

If successful, a worksite audit will take place to verify implementation and risk management. A discussion will also take place between the FSO, senior management representatives and other site personnel.

Step 3 – Audit Results and Conclusion

Once the business’s application has been submitted and an on-site audit has been completed, an FSO will hold a closing meeting where they will inform the business of any key issues that have been identified.

FSC Accreditation Audit Services

At Recovery Partners we offer comprehensive support through the accreditation process including:

    • Expert advice and assistance with scheme application
    • Onsite audits and inspections
    • Gap analysis
    • WHS System adjustment
    • Audit preparation, coordination and support
    • System fixes and management of reporting systems and requirements
    • Re-accreditation support

Benefits of an FSC Accreditation Audit 

  • Assists your organisation in meeting regulatory requirements
  • Improve site safety and performance
  • Lower workers’ compensation premiums and lost time injuries
  • Tender for Commonwealth funded construction projects
  • Recognised as having best practice workplace health and safety systems and practices implemented


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