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Contractor Management Training

Why should you participate in Contractor Management Training? Because you are responsible for the activities of a directly hired contractor to perform works at your premises. You are also responsible for the actions of a sub-contractor, hired by the principal contractor that you engaged, that you may have never even heard of!

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011 adopts a broad definition of ‘worker’ that now includes contractors. A term also used by the WHS Act 2011 is ‘caused to be engaged’. Your safety system needs to be applied equally to contractors as your employees. This training session will show you how to manage this complex arrangement and close as many potential points of exposure as possible. This course can be attended by managers and supervisors responsible for organising and overseeing contractual work as part of your business undertakings. The inclusion of planners of any onsite works is recommended. We assist you to understand your responsibilities in managing contractors engaged.

Our training covers topics such as:

  • Outline work, health and safety (WHS) legal obligations of PCBU’s, Officers, Workers, and others under the new WHS Act 2011,
  • Understand the importance of workplace health and safety consultation in relation to contractors,
  • Identify the types of documentation the organisation should be asking of contractors and review their own procedures objectively,
  • Apply a risk management approach in order to prioritise contractor activity risk,
  • Develop an appropriate induction,
  • Consider the requirements of Permits to Work,
  • Consider online platforms to assist in contractor management,
  • Recall case examples to apply to their own workplace,
  • Reporting incidents, injuries or non-compliance requirements, and
  • Evaluate and monitor the performance of contractors in relation to health and safety.


We encourage a high level of participation from all attendees. This is achieved via activities, case examples and discussion. Each training session will be 2.5 hours in duration plus set-up and pack-down time. Our training sessions can be completed onsite at your workplace or in selected locations. All participants are provided with a workbook for their record keeping.


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