Rehabilitation Consultant
New South Wales

Andrea loves being able to help people that are vulnerable and assist them to set goals that may aid them in returning to their previous level of health or functionality. Her favourtie part of working in health is being able to restore power to those who feel as though they have lost control of their own lives, with the assistance of a multi-disciplinary team.

Andrea is a strong communicator; this means she will always aim to simplify and break down problems to make them more manageable. Andrea is also honest, and fair, and will advocate for those who require help and support.

Andrea is incredibly empathetic but always aims to treat people with respect and dignity. This means not treating people like they’re broken or wounded and having a laugh with people (when appropriate of course!)


  • Certificate 3 Health Services Assistant
  • Bachelor of Nursing

Outside of work, Andrea is an avid world traveler. spends time with her dog by taking him out for hikes or beach adventures, whilst she loves an adventure Andrea can appreciate quality downtime with my family and friends.