Quality Assurance Manager - Same Employer Services
Senior Rehabilitation Consultant
New South Wales

Natalie studied Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney and has worked clinically to assist adults improve their health through tailored exercise programs. Natalie has been with Recovery Partners for over 3 years and is a Senior Occupational Rehabilitation consultant, with a deep knowledge base of RTW case management in a variety of compensable schemes. Natalie is also Quality Assurance Manager which makes her responsible for ensuring high standards for the quality of work produced by the Rehabilitation Consultants in NSW. Natalie is passionate about helping people succeed whatever that may look like for them and is always thinking of creative ways to overcome barriers to success. When she isn’t working, Natalie enjoys cooking, being active, and reading/learning about a wide variety of topics, but especially about health and wellbeing.

What clients are saying about Natalie:

“We would like to say how good she was at being able to clearly present claimant capacities and create a positive outcome for all involved. We often specifically ask for Nat as she is just so effective at getting things done and she is able to pre-empt our needs”.

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