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A workplace rehabilitation provider offers specialised services to injured workers to aid their recovery and return to work. The physical, psychological, social, environmental and organisational risk factors which may impact a worker’s ability to successfully return to work are determined and appropriate measures implemented.

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Role of a workplace rehabilitation provider

The roles of an accredited workplace rehabilitation provider include the following;

  1. Workplace rehabilitation assessment

This is the initial assessment of a workplace and it involves the developing suitable duties programs with regard to employee wellbeing.

  1. Assessment of the functional capacity of staff members

The employees’ abilities in relation to the current duties and job demands are evaluated. The rehabilitation provider then designs and implements the appropriate framework to enhance the workers’ capacity.

  1. Job analysis

This is involves identifying suitable duties for injured or recovering staff members and making recommendations to both the employer and the employee.

  1. Workplace modification

Providers issue recommendations aimed at eradicating any barriers or risks that may slow a worker’s recovery and return to work.  This can involve a change of equipment or any other workplace modifications.

  1. Rehabilitation counselling

Rehabilitation consultants initiate early communication to offer support and advice to affected employees. It also incorporates educating the management on their roles and responsibilities in the process.

  1. Vocational assessment

An assessment is conducted to provide an objective evaluation of alternative duties for employees who due to injuries or medical conditions can no longer work in their prior roles or industries.

  1. Advice or assistance in job seeking.

Affected employees are aided in identifying suitable employment options within the labour market. The providers facilitate a one-on-one training to equip such employees with the relevant job seeking skills.

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