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Absentee Reporting

Our transparent and efficient employee Absentee Reporting Centre is a 24/7 service which will streamline all your absentee reporting processes and ensure that your legal obligations are met.

Benefits of Absentee Reporting include:

  • Time saving
  • Cost efficiency
  • Increased productivity 
  • More internal resources
  • Reduced employee absenteeism 

Absentee Reporting Process:

  • Fielding all calls to report absenteeism
  • Reporting/email to appropriate person(s)
  • Recording absenteeism via email
  • Make contact via phone with Duty Manager/supervisor to report absence and expected return
  • Generate monthly data reports to monitor performances against the set benchmarks.

Absentee Management Case Study

A logistics company had upwards of 700 absences being registered per month. Workforce management is one of the biggest challenges to being able to facilitate effective service delivery and KPI achievements within allocated regions and as such the logistics company needed to move toward an alternate absence management solution. The logistics company’s goal was to reduce the workforce absenteeism trend by a third of the numbers encountered (April – June 2019). The national absentee average is approximately 9.7 days per annum per employee (ABS, 2017).  

Challenge (Issues):

Staff previously lodged absences with their Manager via paper forms or telephone calls and were not required to directly record their absence centrally. This created difficulties in the logistics company being unable to effectively track and monitor employee absence, and to develop workforce management strategies accordingly. Managers had been focused to ensuring the necessary services where staffed accordingly and absence was not specifically managed beyond being responded too.

Approach (Solution):

Following a process of outsourced supplier interviews, the logistics company selected Recovery Partners to help with absentee management. Recovery Partners are an established Occupational Health Provider that were able to field all absentee calls from the logistics company employees, every hour of every day (24/7). Furthermore, Recovery Partners Occupational Health Consultants delivered training to the Line Managers at the logistics company to help build absentee management strategies to support employee engagement.

The intention of engaging this service was twofold as it helped in a wider employee wellness focus by having health professionals offering advice for suitable interventions, and helped to create greater accountability on employees by asking they centrally report into an absence administrator.

Overall, the service delivered on the below requirements:

  • Fielding all calls to report absenteeism
  • Reporting/email to appropriate person(s)
  • Recording absenteeism via email
  • Make contact via phone with Duty Manager/supervisor to report absence and expected return.

Recovery Partners generated monthly data reports to monitor performances against the set benchmark of absence reduction of a third. These reports helped lead process improvement.

Flexibility in the absentee reporting service delivery and process improvements were vital at the time of COVID-19 responses. With the emergence of COVID-19 in our communities, it was pivotal the logistics company were able to meet their legal obligations and ensure no employees deemed “at-risk” were attending work and were being directed to appropriate next steps, i.e. testing, isolation etc.

Outcome (Result):

Upon the commencement of the services there was an almost immediate response in the improvement of employee absentee reporting. A decline from upwards of 40 absences was quickly delivered with the trendline shifting downwards across the first two quarters of the service engagement.

Absentee Reporting Workflow

All incidents are reported to the Recovery Partners Injury Reporting Centre (IRC) by phone (preferred) or email.

All calls are answered by a real-life person ie no annoying voice prompts are required.

Recovery Partners complete notification form gathering details of the incident from the person reporting.

This can be emailed to the client as a form OR entered straight into the clients system

if there is one and we have access.

Contact with injured / ill employee within 5 working hours of notification. Purpose:

  • Confirm details of incidents.
  • Ascertain if medical treatment is required and /or has been obtained. Emergencies should be referred to 000.

NO medical treatment is required;

  • Provide information to the injured person about what to do if symptoms worsen (contact client immediately).
  • Update client.
  • Close file.

YES medical treatment is required;

  • Ask employee if they would like to see their GP or if they would like us to arrange.
  • Arrange appointment if required or agree on a time for us to call back and confirm the appointment time with their NTD.
  • Collect contact information for NTD and update file with same.
  • Send client’s commitment to recovery and best practice injury management (including suitable duties) to NTD cc employee.
  • If attendance is required at medical review, obtain consent from the worker. As part of the onboarding process we will determine circumstances requiring attendance of RRP at review.
  • Develop suitable duties plan if required.
  • Lodge claim (if required by client).
  • Set agreed reviews with employees to assess and monitor progress.
  • Update client of all status changes.
  • Refer for ongoing injury management after 7-10 days.


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