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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Alcohol and drug use at work or recreationally, increases the risk to employees health and safety and impacts on productivity

1 in 10 workers say they have been affected by a work colleagues use of drug or alcohol* Employers have a duty of care (OHS Act 2011) to take actions to provide a safe workplace.

Employers can:
Implement a Drug and Alcohol Policy
Provide access to Employee Assistance Program
Provide ongoing drug and alcohol training
Conduct Drug and Alcohol screening

Benefits of random Drug and Alcohol screening:
Increase productivity
Reduce the risk of workplace incidences
Reduce absenteeism

We can conduct the Drug and Alcohol screening:
On-site – covert random screening, minimising any disruption to daily operations
At a Recovery Partners office
Individual screening
Multiple person screening
As part of a Pre-Employment Health Assessment
Random testing
Return to Work testing

Why choose Recovery Partners?
Discreet and confidential testing
Responsive to your needs
Meets AS 4308 testing standards
Offices Australia-wide
Competitive pricing
All non-negative results validated by a certified laboratory. 

* Dale CE, Livingston MJ. The burden of alcohol drinking on co-workers in the Australian workplace. 2010:138


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