Job Task Analysis


Job Task Analysis

Job Task Analysis is a data-driven analysis designed to help understand the physical, psychological and psychosocial demands of a role.

Recovery Partners qualified allied health consultants analyse the tasks required within a particular role and responsibilities inherent in it. The analysis can assess either the physical tasks, cognitive tasks, or both.

The final report helps employees to understand how to perform their duties safely and efficiently, and helps you to ensure that the correct safety and injury management measures are in place for these workers.

What is involved in a Job Task Analysis?

  • Classification of the position with a clear definition
  • Overall physical rating of the position
  • General description of the position/tasks
  • Overview of the cognitive requirements for task performance
  • Description of the working environment e.g. indoor or outdoor
  • Required Personal Protective Equipment for each task (as appropriate)
  • The physical demands of each task performed within the position
  • Photos of each task will be used as illustrations of postural and manual handling requirements

What is the purpose of a Job Task Analysis?

The main purposes of a Job Task Analysis include: 

  • Form part of a company’s job descriptions
  • Coordinate for renewed assessment regimes that more aptly target occupational risks i.e. confined spaces
  • Reconfigure existing pre-employment and medical screening assessments
  • Guide the development of Safe Work Method Statements for the reviewed positions
  • Assist in the identification of suitable duties and ultimately the development of injured/ill staff’s Return to Work plans

What are the benefits of a Job Task Analysis?

  • An understanding of the physical requirements and demands involved in completing a task
  • Informs employees of the nature of their role and the tasks involved before they commence
  • Facilitates RTW and rehabilitation efforts by providing task-specific information to health professionals

Psychological JTA

What is it:  
  • It is a detailed assessment that can be used as a basis for occupational risk identification, pre-employment screening, suitable duties plan development and as a guide to Safe Work Method Statements.
What it looks like:
  • An objective analysis of the essential cognitive, emotional and psychological components and demands of a job.
  • It also provides an objective analysis of the skills and behaviours required to perform the job demands.
How it is measured:
  • Liaison with stakeholder/s regarding psychological demands of the role
  • Identification and development of psychological demands for each role and identified physical demands of a job task using well-establish and evidence-based assessments


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