Physical Pre-employments


Physical Pre-Employments determine fitness for duties

Our physical pre-employments are an important facet of the employment application process. We offer these physical pre-employment assessments to help you identify if an applicant can perform the inherent requirements of the job, to identify risks, and to determine if risks can be reduced. As such pre-employment screening is an effective workforce risk management tool supporting your team’s ability to perform a job safely and effectively.

Whatever the industry, the health and wellbeing of your staff is essential and is key to optimising company productivity.

The benefits of conducting pre-employment assessments include:

  • A safer working environment,
  • Reduction in workplace injuries,
  • Minimised downtime,
  • Reduction in workers compensation claims and insurance costs, and
  • Reduced overall recruitment cost and risk reduction.

Recovery Partners deliver a more effective service to clients by aligning our biomechanical experts to assessment regimes specific to organisational contexts. We offer additional benefits via direct cost savings by reducing medical practitioner engagements, shorter service timeframes, and greater flexibility in assessment and reporting requirements.

What’s Involved:

Our Assessors take each candidate through a set regime of activities to enable an ability to clearly quantify the capacity to safely perform the known job demands. Any markers of concern or inability to perform a task will be readily noted by the assessor, and subsequent tasks will then be undertaken.

Each assessment will incorporate the following items:

  • Medical Questionnaire Review
  • General Medical: Blood Pressure / Heart Rate / Weight / Height / BMI
  • Musculoskeletal Range Of Motion
  • Anatomical Joint Integrity
  • Lumbar Neural signs
  • Strength and Balance
  • Abdominal strength, back flexibility, hamstring length
  • Postural Tolerances
  • Lifting (waist, floor, shoulder height, unilateral lifting)
  • Push / Pull tolerances
  • Grip Strength

More advanced assessments can include:

  • Standardised Vision, Audiometry & Spirometry Evaluations
  • NATA Approved Drug & Alcohol Screening.


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