Psychological Functional capacity Evaluation


Psychological Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Psychological Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) assesses an individuals’ capacity to perform various psychological or cognitive tasks. This assessment offers a baseline measurement of an individual’s current symptoms and fitness for work. We utilise evidence-based psychometric tests that are highly valid and reliable. This allows our psychologists to deliver an objective and standardised understanding of an individual’s current function including:

  • Symptom severity;
  • Ability to think clearly, concentrate, and plan tasks; and
  • Ability to interact with colleagues effectively.

We would recommend engaging with these evaluations in the following circumstances:

  • When medical professionals/treatment providers need more clarity to guide treatment and rehabilitation
  • When individuals remain unfit for extended periods, or RTW progression is affected
  • When psychological symptoms worsen or do not improve over time
  • Prior to an Independent Medical Evaluation to provide greater objective evidence.


Why our customers love our service:


Why you will value
our service:

  • Commercially focused with a deep understanding of risk and compliance
  • Business tailored interventions through reliable and extensive consultation
  • Experienced team members with outstanding post-graduate qualifications

We take complex legal requirements and simplify them into context you and your workforce will understand. We keep away from industry jargon by using a simple but innovative approach that meets all legislative requirements. You will love our services because of our honest and transparent communication. 

Recovery Partners have been heavily invested in understanding our people, our business and occupational challenges, whilst building innovative solutions that overcome even the most complicated injuries.

Recovery Partners has developed an Injury Management System for our business, all details are stored centrally, and the system streamlines our processes, removing an enormous amount of manual work.

Many of our staff can feel overwhelmed by the workers compensation processes, but Recovery Partners guides them through every step of the way, explaining the forms and ensuring that they understand the requirements.

Our people appreciate the high level of care they receive and the frequent follow-up by Recovery Partners. Injured staff members get the right treatment quickly, and this fast-tracks their recovery and reduces lost time.


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